后半生,圈子不大,有你有茶 In the second half of my life, the circle is not big, I have tea with you

In the second half of my life, the circle is not big, there is tea with you
Life is a process from zero to one hundred, and then from one hundred to zero.
Half a lifetime has passed, and most of the friends gathered together in the first half of their lives are lost in a trance.
The strong spirits chased in the first half of his life have also become rough tea and light rice.
It turns out that I really don't want much in the second half of my life. It's nothing more than a small circle and a life with tea with you.
The circle is not big, three or five friends are enough
An interesting study shows that at the age of 25, your number of friends peaks; after 25, your social circle will become smaller and smaller.
There used to be many friends, his group, our group, and now many people are lost in the middle of the road. Even so, it is not a bad thing.
Everyone’s departure may have different ambitions or different perspectives, but in any case, I wish him good luck for the company for a while.
Those who really settle down are those who I should cherish in the future.
There is a very interesting theory in sociology-the "Dunbar Number", also called the "150 Law". In other words: the number of humans allowed to have a stable social circle is 148, about 150.
If you remove relatives, colleagues, and classmates, there is nothing left, but three to five, at most two palms can be counted.
These "within ten fingers" friends are confidantes who may accompany for life.
No matter how many friends of wine and meat, it is not as good as a confidant within ten fingers. The circle does not need to be large. It is enough to have three or five confidants.
Not many circles, clean life
Liu Yuxi’s "The Inscription of the Shabby Room" says: Si is a shabby room, but I am ethical
The same simple and simple room, others think it is simple and shabby, you think it is simple and simple.
Viewing the scenery in different circles, the scenery is also different. Just like you can see the blue sky and white clouds through the window, and what he may see is the mud and dirty flies on the ground.
The circles are different, so there is no need to force them together.
Life is an experience, gains and losses, glory and shame, ups and downs, the more you care about, the more pain in your heart. The more you give up, the quieter your heart will be.
Isn't it the same in social circles?
Some people pursue a wide range of contacts, countless circles, and many contacts. They are busy with socializing and making friends every day, but they have never lived for themselves for a few days.
It is better to have fewer unnecessary social circles to make room for your soul and a leisurely life for yourself.
In fact, it is not difficult, as long as you are appropriately busy, don't forget to be free.
The busy word is opened, it is heart and death, the more busy, the more confused; the idle word is opened, it is a door, a wood, and trees are planted in the door, from morning to evening.
One-third of this year has passed. By next year, there will be no need for more circles to live a clean life.
The circle is not complicated, you have tea
Zhou Zuoren said:
Drinking tea should be under the tiled paper window, with clear spring green tea, using simple and elegant ceramic tea sets, and drinking with two or three people. A half-day leisure can be worth ten years of dust dreams.
Sneak leisurely, find a good place in the floating world, have tea and chat with your confidants.
This is probably the pleasure of tea drinkers.
No matter who, after drinking tea for a long time, they will not consciously change a little, become quieter and simpler.
It is not the magic of tea, but the process of drinking tea and the artistic conception of tea will make people change subtly.
People who love tea, the circle is not mixed, you have tea.
"You" is a confidant and friend, sharing weal and woe; "tea" is the age of thousands, all in the pot.
Have leisure, and leisure, take advantage of leisure, drink tea with a confidant.
Wu Qiushan said that if you have nothing to do, invite one or two of your friends to make a pot of tea in the teahouse and sit in peace for a few hours, sipping tea and chatting at will. This is also a leisurely way of doing things.
Have fun, and go happy, go happy in time, spend time with your friends.
To drink tea, the circle does not need to be complicated, only a friend and tea are needed.
In life, you must make friends with the righteous and don't make unrighteous friends; drink quiet tea and don't be greedy for colorful wine.
People who love tea have a small circle, and you have tea. ...
For the rest of his life, the circle slowly shrank, but his love for tea remained. Time will sift out the unfamiliar and unintentional, leaving behind confidants and the taste of tea.











































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