喝茶不需要理由,但非要说理由的话...... You don’t need a reason to drink tea, but you have to say a reason...


You don’t need a reason to drink tea, but you have to say a reason...
Because drinking tea is pleasant
1. Drinking tea will eliminate fatigue. Drinking a cup of tea after tiredness will make you feel relieved. From the aroma to the feeling of water, massage your tight nerves from the inside to the outside.
2. Drinking tea will enhance the aesthetics. Arranging a tea table, matching pictures, ornaments, and flower arrangements, will make your life better and better.
3. Drinking tea will make your breath disappear. After eating garlic at noon, Yida just finished eating. What should I do if I see a customer in the afternoon? Chew two or three tea leaves raw and rinse your mouth with water after a few minutes. It’s okay to kiss-if you happen to be alone, you can swallow it directly with your saliva...
Because tea makes people more social
4. Drinking tea will make the conversation richer. Use tea as a business card. Instead of introducing your name, you should tell others the tea you like, bring out your personality and areas of expertise, and make people remember coupling. Interesting people, not playing cards according to the routine is actually the most individual routine.
5. Drinking tea will reduce radiation damage, visit Taobao, scan social networking sites, wait for emails, and be asked to wait for 24 hours by the boss-the skin is exposed under various electro-optical screens throughout the day, which can be broken from the blow of the year to the present Dull and dull? When the foundation becomes thicker and thicker, metabolism from the inside out is the real solution. For three months, take more tea polyphenols. After experiencing it, you will be unable to stop.
Because tea can enrich life
6. Drinking tea will make travel more exquisite, and you can also have a sense of belonging on the road if you take a trip that is just a walk away. At each destination where there is a tea tree, pick a fresh tea leaf, record the time and place, and put it in a notebook. It accumulates naturally, no need to pay attention, after time fermentation, it is your "tea tree travel notes"
Because tea is a way of life
7. Drinking tea will enrich your life. In addition to visiting art exhibitions, filming characters, watching movies, and watching a play in a small theater, you can also go to a tea party, sit, drink tea, chat, daze, and think, leaving a gap in your life. . Slow life will be full of oxygen.
8. Drinking tea will make your body healthier, because drinking tea can clean your stools thoroughly.
9. Drinking tea will make the body and mind more pleasant. Even if you are self-willed, you have to give yourself a day to get your mind out of traps and let your body relax. Make a pot of tea and let the body listen to the rhythm of the soul. The seemingly "boring" time slot actually brings you the answer from the bottom of my heart. Because tea enriches your taste
10. Close your eyes and smell the tea, sipping slowly and lightly, it seems that you can also touch the beauty of the vegetation.
Because tea is always so mysterious
11. A cup of tea, 300 ml, the antioxidant function is equivalent to a bottle and a half of red wine, equivalent to 12 bottles of white wine, equivalent to 12 cups of beer, equivalent to 4 apples, equivalent to 5 onions, equivalent to 7 cups of fresh orange juice .
12. Drinking tea is particularly thirsty, especially when you have not drunk water for a long time and your body is burning in the dark. Moreover, it is very diuretic.
13. Researchers from the Karolinska Institute in Sweden analyzed the data of 61057 women between 40 and 76 years old (301 women were diagnosed with ovarian cancer): compared with women who did not drink tea or rarely drink tea Compared with that, women who drink less than 1 cup of tea a day have an 18% lower chance of developing ovarian cancer; women who drink 1 to 2 cups of tea a day have a 24% lower chance of developing ovarian cancer; women who drink more than 2 cups of tea a day suffer from ovarian cancer. The probability of ovarian cancer is reduced by about 46%. This shows that the more tea you drink, the lower the probability of ovarian cancer.
Because tea can prevent the three highs
14. In Orsay, the Nutrition and Physiology Laboratory conducted experiments with two groups of mice. One group was fed with ordinary food, one group was fed with cholesterol-rich food, and both groups were fed with tea juice at the same time. After nine weeks, the blood test results showed that the fat of the first group was reduced by 10%, and the fat of the second group was reduced by 30%.
15. Tea contains tea polyphenols. The main function of tea polyphenols is to remove harmful free radicals toxins from the blood. Free radicals are the main factor in aging the human body. Tea polyphenols can improve the activity of beneficial enzymes and reduce the activity of harmful enzymes by scavenging free radicals. At the same time, tea polyphenols can also inhibit lipid peroxidation caused by ultraviolet radiation, thereby protecting the skin.
16. The body is particularly able to feel the power of the years, and the best way to go against age is to return to the embrace of nature.

























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