手捧一杯茶,总会想到你 Holding a cup of tea in my hand, I always think of you


















Holding a cup of tea in my hand, I always think of you
Sometimes I feel that drinking tea is not only a taste, but also a mood. A corner of tranquility, picking up, letting go, and knowing tea will understand many heartbreaking truths in life. However, everything is going to return to tranquility after all, and when the heart is calm, you know to face it calmly. Prosperity is after all passing by, and a cup of tea is fragrant at first, but it will tasteless.
Accept quietly and stand by silently. Simple, natural, and plain may be the one that stays with us the longest. Whether the tea space is wide or small, it is not a problem.
Drinking tea is simple, and the mentality is better, and the fragrance of tea will be stronger. The longer you drink tea, your understanding of drinking tea and your perception of life, is tea really good or bad? It’s just that some teas are brewed extensively in large teapots, some teas are brewed in a small furnace, and some teas are brewed in rich styles with treasured tea sets... No matter what environment you face ? If you love tea, you will taste tea in different scenes and feel the different postures of the tea world.

Think carefully, tea, in fact, there is no distinction between good and bad in many cases. After drinking and drinking, I gradually understand that the real good tea is not in our homes, but in our hearts, in our feelings, drinking tea with a confidant, and chatting about life. This truth Good, is to calmly enjoy the quiet beauty of drinking tea.
At this time, a pot of tea is warmed, and your thoughts diffuse with the faint fragrance of tea. It is really intoxicating that a pot of tea is also intoxicating. "Life is like three teas: the first is bitter as life; the second is sweet as love; the third is as light as a breeze." Sitting in time and listening to the years, although the holidays are gone, there is meditation, even if it is a long leisure. , And appreciate a rare comfort in a rushed life.
Holding a cup of tea in my hand, I always think of you, drink with the right person, make tea with clear water, watch the tea in the pot roll, the tea soup slowly thickens, and the cup becomes warm slowly under the infiltration of the tea water. Drinking, it gradually fades, plain and tasteful. This smooth and gentle breath makes people feel appropriate and comfortable. The most infatuation is that, even if you don't talk, just drink quietly like this is enough.
There are always changes in the world, so don't be afraid. Whether it’s thick tea or light meals, give yourself a peaceful tea space, calm the years of this life, and accompany the fragrance of tea. Boil a pot of clean water, make a cup of clear tea, watch the tea fall into the bottom of the cup, the color of the soup changes from nothing, and then from thick to light, the plain heart is quiet at this moment, in the moment of life, feel the time zone Come experience. Faded flashy, the only body in plain clothes, the neon is beautiful, but it is too late to cut candles. Can't ask, don't say. Look at the stone steps covered with moss, the shadow of the tree swaying the small window, carrying a ray of warm sun, walking on the ancient road, the breeze fills the cuffs, and the broken gold is scattered all over the window of the heart. He talks about world affairs, he only needs a cup of tea in his hand. Drinking tea is a spiritual practice. Under the east fence, savor good tea.
There are some voices after all.
Only if you are destined, you will hear it.
People who have nothing to do with you,
Talking to him too much is nonsense,
People who are destined to you,
Your presence can awaken all his feelings,
Because it's just an encounter,
Fate, but stay together for a lifetime.

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