Men, drinking and tea are indispensable! 挚友如茶,一杯足矣

Everyone has his own unique style. No matter who it is, he has his own personality. In this world, no matter how small people are, they have their most shining value.
After rushing into the boiling water, the tea leaves in the teacup stretched out in a short period of time. Tossing and spinning in hot water is wonderful for a time.

After a sip, the lingering fragrance of teeth and cheeks is endless.

From the feeling of tea, I think of the friendship between friends. Friends, just like tea, it doesn't have to be expensive, but it must be the most comfortable one for you.

A good friend is the best tea for you. Being with him is the most simple and comfortable. With a few simple conversations, you can feel the truest kindness.

The two get together, no matter when and where, they are most at ease.

A friend is like tea, holding it in the palm of his hand, and seeing the truest self in the clear tea soup. No matter what you look like, it will always reflect the clearest self.

Friends are like tea, steaming hot, warming your palms all the time. No matter what difficulties you face, it will give you inspiration quietly.

A friend is like tea. No matter how long you haven't seen it, if you inadvertently think of it, send a few greetings, it will be like a mouthful of tea, and it will be warm and refreshing.

Friends who have tea like tea, and friends who have tea like tea. It's time-honored, but it's indifferent.

Tasting tea is a kind of purification, a kind of spiritual precipitation. Life is like water and friends are like tea.

Without tea, the water is always less flavorful. Without friends, life is less colorful.

Friends are a factor in life that is closely related to you, just like tea is indispensable in life.

A friend is your daily tea, not necessarily a century-old Pu'er or Longjing before the rain, but it makes you feel at ease and makes you fearless and strong.

Friends are the permanent wealth of a person's life, sincere and brave.

The right amount of tea meets the right water, and the tea meets the person who suits you. Tea, water, and talent can meet.

When the right person meets the right person, the two can become best friends for life.

When tasting tea, the time spent with friends slowly flowed through my heart, leaving a faint aftertaste.

Cherish everything now, no matter love, family, friendship. A friend is not a rushing passerby who meets peacefully in your life journey, he is also the pillar and confidant of your life journey.

Your best friend gives you the best tea taste. People have ever met the best tea taste. You should cherish it. May this tea taste accompany you through all the scenery in your life.

My dear friend is like tea, what I like is that casual and plain. There is no arrogance in the hall of elegance, and no humbleness in the hut. Only walk the journey of life with the truest self.






















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