Men, drinking and tea are indispensable! 男人,少不了喝酒与喝茶!

The world is so colorful, and the eyes are full of sand. In fact, in the end it is just one sentence: three cups of wine in the world, one pot of tea for the great cause of the future.
1 A pot of wine may be drunk and let go. When the wine is high, you can have rare indulgences, you can go to the sky to catch the stars, and go to the sea to see the moon. Some people say that people who drink often do not like drinking, but the feeling of drinking. Drinking is to vent and release emotions, while drunk is to relieve stress and comfort the tired body and mind. There will always be happiness and unhappiness in getting along with people. There are always many things that cannot be said face to face, and there are always some things that cannot be said when awake. Only when each other's consciousness can be said, only when they are drunk, can they say that the other side is not, and only when each other is drunk can they not care what the other side said.
What a person drinks is not wine, what he drank is what he cannot tell others about, what he drank is depression, what he drunk is sadness, what he drunk is heartache, and he will not feel sad when he is drunk. Some people say that people who don't know how to drink don't understand the style, because drinking is to pour their own thoughts into the wine bit by bit. My thoughts melted into the wine, and there was no trace of melancholy. The wine is in the cup, the cup is in the hand, the words are in the wine, and the love is in the heart. The frankness, Geng Jie, and Wei snake in the interlocking time, and the wine style, wine taste, and wine state after the three rounds of wine are reflected in the cups;
Qianqian gentleman, sorrowful villain, the world is warm and cold, and the world is scorching, all manifested in the sip.
The wine shop is like a stage for condensing life. Some people are drunk but say that they are sober because they want to prove that they can drink. Some people are sober, but they want to say that they are drunk because they don't want to continue drinking. The ups and downs of life are like drinking, the first cup of sober pride is youth. The second cup was a little drunk, but I still wanted to drink it. It seemed that the world was dimly drunk and not drunk. By the third glass of wine, I was drunk, and I regretted it when I woke up. It was old age. Work hard, work hard, have fun in hard work, and pour another glass of wine. Some people say, why do we love to drink? It's because everyone in Weibo has their own soft light.
2 A cup of tea may be wise after suffering. When the tea is deep, tears can flow quietly on the face, and you can enjoy an emotion called loneliness. Life is like the process of drinking tea, you have to slowly aftertaste, to taste its true meaning. Sometimes the tea becomes bitter after brewing for a long time, just like something unhappy. Sometimes the water temperature is just right, and the brewed tea will be delicious. It will emit a faint fragrance. After the entrance, the fragrance will remain on the cheeks and cheeks. It will be happy as if you encounter happy things. Life has bitterness and sweetness, and all the bitterness comes naturally. Life is hard, just like tea, it starts with a bit of bitterness. In middle age, the bitterness comes to nothing, and finally in old age everything is plain. No matter success or failure, no one can escape the three-foot loess.
There is a pot of tea, there is a teapot, and the taste of tea is endless. It is the taste of tea that is really worth our taste. Busy for fame, busy for profit, take a break from busy, and drink a cup of tea. Good tea, no matter who you meet, can release the taste of life; no matter where you are, no matter where you are, you are in favor, or if you go against it, you will not change your own fragrance or true color. Fushengruo tea, drink a cup of Zen tea, I hope you can realize the true meaning of life. The whole life is always accompanied by spring, summer, autumn and winter, windy nights, ups and downs. There are successes and failures; there are laughter and tears; there are good times and there are adversities;
The key is what mentality we should face. Drinking tea is a kind of state of mind, feeling that the body and mind are purified, filtering out impetuosity, and what precipitates is deep thinking. Tea is a kind of sentiment, a kind of silence that still wants to talk; a kind of sorrow that wants to laugh but also a frenzy; a kind of loneliness after the excitement of "a thousand red cups, Wanyan same kiln". Tea is a collection of spring memories. Drinking tea in any season, you can feel the lazy spring sunshine. Sitting in a room with one person, pouring a cup of tea, watching the tea rolls, the tea does not have a strong fragrance until the water is boiled, and life has to be tempered to be calm. However, who should drink this pot of tea and who should drink this glass of wine is also a question.

When I get old, I hope that there is such a yard, a tea room, and a pot of tea. It is the home of the soul. Eat more fat and drink more tea, make friends with the opposite sex more, and live at least ninety-nine!


1一壶酒,也许可以醉后释怀 酒高了,可以有难得的放纵,可以上天摘星,下海揽月。 有人说经常喝酒的人,不是喜欢喝酒,而是喜欢喝酒的那种感觉。 喝酒是为了发泄和释放情感,喝醉酒是为了让疲惫的身心得到解压和安慰。 与人相处总会有开心与不开心,总有许多话不能当面说,总有些话不能在清醒的时候说。 只有在彼此的意识模糊时才能说出口,只有在自己喝醉时才会说出对方的不是,只有彼此都喝醉了才不会在意对方说的话。
一个人喝酒喝的不是酒,喝的是无法对别人诉说的心事,喝的是郁闷,喝的是哀愁,喝的是心痛,喝醉了才不会感到难过。 有人说不会喝酒的人不解风情,因为喝酒是为了把自己的心事一点一点的倒入酒中。 心事融入到酒中,一醉万千愁绪无影踪。酒在杯中,杯在手中,话在酒里,情在心里。 觥筹交错时的率真、耿介、委蛇,酒过三巡后的酒风、酒品、酒态,都折射于杯盏之间;
 酒场有如浓缩人生的舞台,有些人喝醉了却说自己清醒,因为他们想要证明自己还能喝。 有些人明明清醒,却偏要说自己醉了,因为他们不想继续喝。 人生的起起落落,就像喝酒一样,第一杯清醒的豪情万丈,是青年。 第二杯有点醉了,但是还想喝,看世间朦朦胧胧的似醉非醉,是中年。 到第三杯酒就醉了,醒来就后悔了,是老年。劳心苦,劳力苦,苦中作乐,再倒一杯酒来。 也有人说,为什么我们爱喝酒?是因为微醺中每个人都自带柔光。 


2一盏茶,也许可以苦后明智 茶深了,可以有泪在脸上静静地流,可以享受一种情感叫孤独。 生活就像喝茶的过程,要慢慢回味,才能品出它的真谛来。有的时候茶泡久了就苦了,就像遇到不开心的事一样很苦。 有的时候水温刚好,泡出来的茶就好喝,会散发出淡淡的清香,入口之后齿颊留香,像遇到开心的事情一样,会很幸福。 人生有苦有甜,苦尽自然甘来。 人生是艰辛的,就像茶一样开始是带点苦涩,到中年时苦尽甘来,最后到老年时一切都是平平淡淡的。 成也好,败也好,谁都逃不过三尺黄土。
 一壶茶,茶壶有量,茶味无量,真真值得我们品的是茶味。 为名忙,为利忙,忙里偷闲,且喝一盏茶去。 好茶,不论遇到什么人,都能释放生命的滋味;不论处贵处贱、顺遇或横逆,都不改自己的香、自己的本色。 浮生若茶,喝一杯禅茶,但愿您能体悟人生的真谛。 人生一世,总是伴随春夏秋冬、风花雪夜、酸甜苦辣。有成功,也有失败;有欢笑,也有眼泪;有顺境,也有逆境; 
关键是我们应以何种心态面对。 喝茶,喝的是一种心境,感觉身心被净化,滤去浮躁,沉淀下来的是深思。 茶是一种情调,一种欲语还休的沉默;一种欲笑还颦的忧伤;一种“千红一杯,万艳同窑”热闹后的落寞。 茶是对春天记忆的收藏,在任何一季里饮茶,都可以感受到春日那慵懒的阳光。 坐在一个人的房间,倒上一杯茶,看着茶叶的翻卷,茶要沸水以后才有浓香,人生也要历经磨练后才能坦然。 不过,这壶茶该和谁喝,这杯酒该让谁喝,也是个问题。


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