秋天,喝一杯什么茶最养生?In autumn, what kind of tea is the best for health?

In autumn, what kind of tea is the best for health?
After the autumn, the physiological activities of the human body also change with the changes of the natural environment. In health care, particular attention should be paid to the regulation of clothing, food, housing and transportation.
Clothing refers to "spring covering autumn and freezing." Although it turns cold in autumn, don't add clothes too quickly. Let your body "freeze and freeze" under the principle of moderation. Sleep should be arranged reasonably. If you have a clear air, you should go to bed early and get up early. It is not advisable to close your house all day long or sleep with your head covered at night. You should live with windows open to keep indoor air circulation;
Traveling means that autumn is the golden season. Strengthening physical exercises can move bones, qi and blood, and enhance the body's disease resistance. At the same time, it is necessary to strengthen cold tolerance exercises to enhance the body's ability to adapt to the stress of changing climates.
One tea, two fruits, three porridge, four soups, five vegetables, six meat, seven grains, and eight medicinal diets are healthy diets. Then we will follow a good order and open the first part of health regimen from autumn tea.
Traditional Chinese medicine pays attention to keeping good health in time, and drinking tea is a good way to keep good health. However, to keep good health with tea, you must master the best time to drink tea and drink the right tea at the right time.
1. Nourish the lungs, prevent dryness and resist autumn fatigue-Oolong tea Dahongpao, Tieguanyin, and Dancong Oolong tea are semi-fermented teas between green tea and black tea. The tea is gentle, not warm or cold, and has a strong anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory effect. , Can effectively prevent respiratory infections.
The beneficial ingredients in oolong tea, such as tea polyphenols, iron, calcium and other minerals, make its effect of hydrating and moisturizing dryness significantly better than boiled water, and it has a good alleviating effect on various discomforts of autumn dryness, which helps female friends to improve from the inside. Replenish water outside.
Oolong tea has a rich fragrance and can effectively fight fatigue. Yang is nourished in spring and summer, and yin is nourished in autumn and winter. In the hot summer, the human body is in a state of excitement, and it is often over-consumed;
In autumn, the human body begins to recuperate and restore various functions. At this time, many people will feel mentally exhausted and physically weak. Many studies in recent years have shown that smell plays an important role in maintaining human health.
The aroma is the biggest highlight of oolong tea. It is quiet and rich, whether it is Tieguanyin, Dahongpao or Dancong, it is fascinating and enchanting. The aroma of oolong tea acts on the cerebral cortex through the sense of smell to clear people's physical and mental fatigue.
Sydney oolong tea ingredients: 5g oolong tea, 1 Sydney pear, appropriate amount of honey.
Method: Put the oolong tea in a cup, brew it with boiling water, wait for 5 minutes, add the peeled and squeezed Sydney juice and honey, stir well and drink.
Efficacy: It has the effect of relieving cough and moisturizing the lungs, and is suitable for dry coughs caused by autumn dryness.
2. Refusal of sad autumn syndrome-herbal tea jasmine, lavender, platycodon tea People are prone to sadness, pessimism, despair, depression, etc. in autumn.
Affected by sad autumn mood, loss of appetite and decreased sleep quality often occur. Drinking a cup of jasmine tea at this time makes me feel refreshed and happy, which can calm my mood and relieve depression.
Lavender tea can make people feel happy. It not only relaxes gastrointestinal cramps, eliminates flatulence, helps digestion, but also relieves anxiety and neurotic migraine, soothes the mind and helps sleep.
Drinking before bed and after meals is of great benefit. If you are not afraid of trouble, you can also do it yourself and make a cup of platycodon tea with wide breasts and nourishing lungs. Take 10 grams of Platycodon grandiflorum, put an appropriate amount of honey into a cup, then pour an appropriate amount of boiling water, wait for 5-10 minutes to enjoy.
In addition, the autumn weather is pleasant, and you should seize the opportunity to exercise. Not only can you get rid of bad moods, but also can accumulate more energy for the winter.
3. Say goodbye to autumn fat regulating the spleen and stomach-black tea, cooked Pu, Liubao tea. When the weather turns cold, you will unknowingly overdose. If you are not careful, you will gain weight.
This is even more a threat to people who are already obese. Dark tea has been artificially fermented. The microorganisms and beneficial bacteria in the tea are scavengers that regulate the gastrointestinal tract, help gastrointestinal peristalsis, discharge intestinal toxins, and regulate the spleen and stomach.
In addition, it is scientifically proven that long-term drinking of black tea can reduce cholesterol and glycerides, and has the effect of treating obesity. Drinking black tea ◎Add honey, long-term drinking can prevent colds.
Adding dried flowers, such as roses, jasmine, tribute chrysanthemum, osmanthus, lavender, etc., can increase the aroma of tea, and can also play a role in beauty and beauty. ◎The addition of tangerine peel has a good auxiliary effect for reducing phlegm, smoothing qi, and relieving cough.
The body needs 86 kinds of trace elements, and tea contains 28 kinds. It is golden autumn, the climate is cool, and the appetite improves.
The beef and mutton, barbecue, and hot pot that I dare not eat in summer have been feasted on, ignoring that the summer heat and humidity still exist in the body, and the dry and vigorous autumn climate will lead to diseases. According to one's own situation, choose the appropriate tea to complement one's own situation, can play a health effect.
People who like to eat meat will form an acidic body and lack vitamin C. They can drink more alkaline tea such as oolong, brick tea, and puer for digestion and appetite.
For ladies who love beauty, scented tea can be used. Due to the use of fresh flowers as raw materials, it has a characteristic aroma. Like rose jasmine, rose has excellent beauty and anti-aging effects, and is the first choice for female friends in autumn.
Green tea clears the fire and has a cooler nature. Because green tea has not been fermented, it should not be stored for a long time. Therefore, try to choose the new tea produced that year. Do not eat with cold foods such as fruits to avoid harm to the spleen and stomach.
For lean physique, stay away from strong tea and drink more chrysanthemums. Fat people are more adaptable to autumn, and thin people are prone to internal heat loss and get angry. I often feel dry mouth and even sore throat, and the theophylline in tea has a diuretic effect. Drinking strong tea will accelerate the loss of body water, thus aggravating the symptoms of internal heat and fire in thin people.















2、拒绝悲秋综合征——花草茶 茉莉花、薰衣草、桔梗茶 人们到了秋天,很容易产生伤感情绪,悲观、绝望、抑郁等。





3、告别秋膘调脾胃——黑茶 熟普、六堡茶 天气转凉,饮食会不知不觉地过量,稍不留神,体重就会增加。












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