Drinking tea, the most beautiful thing in life 喝茶,生活中最美的事

"Life does not lack beauty, but lacks the eyes to discover beauty." Beauty is everywhere in all aspects of life.
Like plants, orchid, plum, bamboo, chrysanthemum, rose, rose, peony, green dill, red, orange, yellow, green, gray, white and black, colorful and graceful, which is not beautiful? Look at it more and you will feel that you have a world.
Like cooking, potatoes, peanuts, green bamboo shoots, tomatoes, combined with oil, salt, sauce and vinegar, create a moving picture. Appreciating and pleasing to the eyes, the food is delicious and enjoyable!
And drinking tea is almost the most beautiful thing in life.
The tea itself is beautiful. Tender buds, tea shreds, even strips, or oily cake noodles; shiny, relaxing leaf bottoms...
Tea leaves are like a dancer, swinging and unfolding their body with the rhythm of water.
The tea soup is beautiful. The color of green tea is yellow-green and clear, with a small and fresh style. The color of black tea is warm and soft, like a soft wind pushing cotton-like clouds.
As for the cooked tea, the red is strong and bright, and the oily texture envelops the whole pot of soup, like flames, like red lips, only to know that tea soup can also have such a texture.
The action of drinking tea is beautiful. Wandering in the courtyard, falling colorfully, put on a tea feast, and boil a pot of good water.
Good tea, good water, good things, the slowly raised teapot, the tea soup flowing down, and the taste of tea slowly, all gestures are elegant.
Drinking tea is elegant and vulgar, but no matter how you drink it, it still feels wonderful, because when you drink tea, the tea is beautiful, and the person who drinks it is also beautiful.













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