It’s a kind of blessing to have tea and know how to drink tea. 有茶喝、会喝茶,是一种清福

It’s a kind of blessing to have tea and know how to drink tea.
There are hundreds of flowers in spring, moon in autumn, cool breeze in summer, and snow in winter. If there is tea to accompany you, it will be a blessing in the world.
Qingfu is the most precious blessing in the world. Physical and mental health, no chores in mind, and the blessing of tasting tea is not measurable by money, but the answer from the bottom of my heart.
1. Tea and health
Tea is rich in various vitamins and minerals such as tea polyphenols and catechins, which supplement the body's needs. "If there is no tea in a day, then it will be stagnant." Drinking tea often gives us an extra protection for our health.
2. Tea and life
The so-called tolerance is not to endure or ignore, but to finally know how to appreciate; tea is not finished tea, but you can make a perfect time with imperfect tea; no one is perfect, you can also know how to appreciate yourself and appreciate an imperfect life.
3. Tea and spiritual practice
Confucianism cultivates virtue with tea, Taoism cultivates mind with tea, and Buddhism cultivates nature with tea. Those who love tea often bring tea with them and drink it at any time. Tea serves as a warning ruler for our self-discipline and self-cultivation, helping us to cultivate morality, mind, and morality.
4. Tea and friends
There are a thousand cups of wine every confidant, but a cup of tea every confidant is drunk. Friends are not in quantity, but in quality. Some friends do not have the strongness of wine, only the elegance and sincerity of tea. When you are proud, you will speak up against your ears, and when you are frustrated, you will solve your problems. A few cups of tea in life makes you happy, and it is enough to meet one or two confidants in life.
5. Tea and life
There are two types of tea, one is "chai rice, oil, salt, sauce and vinegar tea" and the other is "Qinqi, calligraphy, painting, poetry, wine and tea". Tea can be the timely water when you are dry, hot and thirsty. You can take a big mouthful. The important thing is to moisturize your throat and refresh your heart. The aroma of tea and the taste of tea are not so important. Tea can also be a slow life for you to savor your heart's heart. Take a sip, savor the flowers in the garden, and taste the breeze and breeze.
6. Tea and time
Some people say: Drinking tea is not water, but taste. After a long time, what I drink is not the taste of tea, but the taste of my heart and life. Different seasons or different times of the day correspond to different teas, which are like cool or warm times in life. The difference is that the ordinary time in life accounts for the majority, but when the heart calms down, there is always a taste in the tea.
7. Tea and experience
There are no two cups of tea that are exactly the same in the world. Even if two cups of tea are brewed in the same pot, the mood and experience of the drinker are different, and the taste of the taste is very different, not to mention the changes in the environment, time, mood, and experience. . Speaking of it is mysterious and mysterious, but its quality is really true. To
8. Tea and getting along
To understand tea, you need to respect each type of tea carefully. Just like a person who is predestined, you can find something you admire from him, no matter how high or low. To understand tea, you need to talk to tea without perfunctory, like a friend. After you learn all his experiences, you will understand his uniqueness and how to get along with him better.
Understand the tea, then understand the taste of life, know how to pick up and put down. A cup of tea, one point of blessing, one point of cultivation, one point of wisdom, there is tea to drink, can drink tea, is really a kind of blessing.











酒逢知己千杯少, 茶逢知己一杯醉。朋友不在量,而在于质量。有些朋友,没有酒的浓烈,只有茶的淡雅与真诚,在你得意时,逆耳忠言,在你失意时,排忧解难。人生有几杯茶便欢喜,人生遇一两个知己便足矣。










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