Tea, never argue, ignore, or explain 茶,从不争,不理,不解释
































Tea, never argue, ignore, or explain
Buddhism does not want to do nothing, does not ask for nothing; tea drinkers use tea to nourish their sex and enjoy tea for meditation.
Not fighting is a kind of indifferent and calm attitude; not paying attention is a kind of wisdom that is as foolish as wisdom;
No explanation is a mature and stable choice.
In many cases, we don't fight, not because of incompetence, but because we don't want to conflict.
Because it is indisputable, tea is willing to hide in the mountains, absorb the sun and rain, the essence of heaven and earth, and blend into the water to exude the most authentic taste of life.
Many times, we ignore it, not because of a guilty conscience, but because we have learned to make concessions.
Many times, we do not explain, not because of cowardice, but let time prove it.
Tea never ignored gossip, never explained herself, and never showed off herself.
Because of all the truth, time will prove it.
In this world, no one says behind anyone, no matter how well they do it, there are people who blame them, and no matter how true they are, there are people who are dissatisfied.
Those who hate you, no matter how hard you work, will not help you; those who leave you in the cold, you will be indifferent no matter how hard you are.
We can't do it so that everyone likes it, and we can't satisfy everyone. We can only cultivate our sex with tea and wait for time to judge.
We can't satisfy the greedy people, and we can't accept the unpredictable people.
Some people have seen it through and left, and some things have been taken lightly, so they have to let go.
Because you know, tea lives for itself.
Don't care about others' opinions, don't care about others' perspectives, and be yourself quietly.
Not to attract people with flamboyant and kitsch, but to retain people with fresh and elegant, endless charm.
Being a human being is like tea, don't be too stupid, don't take root in the hearts of people who hate you, don't sprout in front of people who don't understand you.
Instead of spending time and energy on people who are not worthy, it is better to leave it to yourself and grow wild.
Tea meditation, gossip, sooner or later will dissipate.
The more you argue, the more arrogant others will misunderstand the contradiction, and it will eventually be resolved. The more you explain, the more you will continue to clarify.
We choose goodness, because we can't be evil, and evil will be met with retribution.
We choose to be forbearance, because forbearance is to calm the wind and the waves, and to let the sea and the sky broaden.
We choose tolerance, because tolerance is a virtue, and virtue is not wrong.
We choose to be sincere, because flattery is to deal with, and loyalty is responsible.
Cha has achieved himself because of tolerance and concession; I have achieved happiness because of my sincerity and kindness.
A person lives a lifetime, like tea, without contention, ignorance, or explanation.
Use no contention to show your generosity, use no care to interpret your calmness, and use no explanation to prove your character.
As long as the body is upright, you dare to face it calmly, as long as your heart is upright, you can live a clear life!

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