When you fall in love with tea, you can drink it for a lifetime. 当爱上了喝茶,喝着喝着就是一辈子。

Since I started drinking tea, I have also developed a dependence on tea. It's like an addiction, can't let go. All "addictions" seem to give people a bad impression, such as addiction to alcohol, tobacco, and Internet.
Everyone likes tea. Everyone has their own specific reasons. Because of the lightness of tea, because of the sweetness of tea, because of the bitterness of tea, because of the softness of tea, because of the aftertaste of tea... In the hearts of tea lovers, tea is no longer more than just Tea, it is more like a life in various forms, composing different states of different people.

Tea has an unexplainable relationship with us. Thousands of tea products, including green tea, yellow tea, white tea, green tea, black tea, dark tea, etc., are famous products from the land of China and everywhere; there are also all kinds of tea making paradigms, no matter which one, People who love tea will have their own preferences. However, if you love tea and understand tea, your love comes from your heart. Everyone can enjoy a cup of tea.

Treasure a good cup of tea, waiting for someone close to you

Whenever I hear someone talk about a good cup of tea, I will feel my eyes light up, and I will not miss every opportunity to taste tea. In the eyes of tea people, each type of tea has the best quality, and which tea you like depends on your personal preferences and will also be mixed with the mood at the time of tea tasting. Different teas bring different things to people at different times. Feel and understand.

The love for tea leads to the obsession with tea. If you encounter good tea, you will be ecstatic; if you miss a good tea, you will also be in a bad mood. Drinking tea loves tea, I have my favorite tea, and I have been chasing all kinds of tea. When you encounter good tea, you will cherish it and wait until the right time, just like the person who is looking forward to waiting, take out a pot, taste the fragrance of tea together, and tell the goodness of tea.

A pot of warm and sweet tea accompanied by makes chatting more interesting.

Drinking tea is a pleasure for both body and mind. Even though one can feel the tranquility and comfort when drinking tea alone, there is always something lacking. Without the happiness brought by three or five people drinking tea together, there is more tea. When people drink it together, the taste of tea becomes more mellow. When I have good tea, I always think of you, and this feeling will permeate my heart for a long time.

You have an apple, I have an apple, we exchange each other, and each is still an apple; you have a kind of thought, I have a kind of thought, we exchange each other, everybody has two kinds of thoughts.

Encountering good tea is like acquiring a thought. If you know how to share, you will continue to drink good tea. The tea is shared from you to me, I shared it to him, he shared it to them, from one person to many people, not only sharing the process of drinking tea, but also a process of conversation, in the sharing, I made many friends and gained a lot of happiness. .

The longer you taste tea, the better your mentality, and the stronger the tea aroma.

The longer you drink tea, your understanding of drinking tea and your perception of life, is tea really good or bad? It’s just that some teas are brewed extensively in large teapots, some teas are brewed in a small furnace, and some teas are brewed in rich styles with treasured tea sets... No matter what environment you face ? If you love tea, you will taste tea in different scenes and feel the different postures of the tea world.

Think carefully, tea, in fact, there is no distinction between good and bad in many cases. After drinking and drinking, I gradually understand that the real good tea is not in our homes, but in our hearts, in our feelings, drinking tea with a confidant, and chatting about life. This truth Good, is to calmly enjoy the quiet beauty of drinking tea.

Holding a cup of tea in my hand, I always think of you, drink with the right person, make tea with clean water, watch the tea in the pot roll, the tea soup slowly thickens, and the cup becomes warm slowly under the infiltration of the tea water. Drinking, it gradually fades, plain and tasteful. This smooth and gentle breath makes people feel appropriate and comfortable, and most infatuation. Even if you don't talk, just drink quietly like this is enough.

A cup of tea soothes the years, steals and writes poems leisurely. Sit time and listen to the years. Although the holidays are gone, there is meditation, even if it is a long time, to appreciate the rare comfort in the rush of life.

At this time, a pot of tea is warmed, and your thoughts diffuse with the faint fragrance of tea. It is really intoxicating even with a pot of tea. "Life is like three teas: the first is bitter as life; the second is sweet as love; the third is as light as a breeze."

The ups and downs of life are the Zen state of a cup of tea that is quietly tasting: pick up and put down. Time flies by like the wind, the fleeting events will eventually become the past, and the excitement of Treadang's life will finally be settled by the tranquility of a corner of the heart. I soak my heart in a cup of tea that is fleeting years, and the sweetness is the sweetness that can only be tasted after drinking all the bitterness. If the heart is full of green shade, spring will no longer be a distant thing.

Flicking away the dust on the clothes of the heart, using the time of a cup of tea to interpret the joys and sorrows of the past, understand the meaning of life and let it go, and understand the meaning of fading everything in and out. The insights of life are mostly nirvana after heartbreaking. Only after painful suffering can one obtain a true indifference in the heart. Life is such ups and downs.

A ray of tea smells and the year is fleeting, who knows that her buds were soaked in the tears of struggle, the tea passed through the heart, and the warmth suddenly gushed out of the heart. Once the fragrance was fierce, once unforgettable...

In a cup of clear water, the purity and sweetness of tea wake up, and the lingering fragrance and waiting will never go away.

Yes, there is a kind of happiness, simple as tea

Drinking tea is the patent of those who love life. Make a cup of tea, feel the natural smell of tea, and reap the indifferent state of mind in the hustle and bustle of life.

Did you drink tea today?
























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