Collection: Black tea series 红茶系列

Black tea is rich in carotene, vitamins, various minerals, caffeine, various amino acids, and flavonoids. Black tea does not sit in a cup of boiling water, the tea soup is bright, jujube, longan, honey, glutinous rice, agarwood, lingering and full. Black tea warms the stomach, promotes blood circulation, promotes digestion, relaxes blood vessels, and refreshes the brain. Black tea is warm. Strong tea is not suitable for people with irritable physique.

红茶 富含胡萝卜素,维生素,多种矿物质,咖啡碱,多种氨基酸,黄酮类化合物。红茶沸水不坐杯,茶汤明亮,枣香,桂圆香,蜜糖香,糯米香,沉香,萦绕充满。红茶暖胃,促进血液循环,促进消化,舒化血管,提神醒脑。红茶是温的 对于有上火体质的不宜喝浓茶。

The best way to brew black tea
1. Pour boiling water into the teacup first, and then pour it out. Let the boiling water increase the temperature of the teacup, which is more conducive to the fragrance of tea leaves.
2. Next, take out an appropriate amount of tea and put it into a teacup. If it is drunk by one person, one spoonful is enough, and two spoonfuls for two people. Then pour the boiling water into the tea cup.
3. The brewing concentration of tea, and the size of the concentration is the length of time for brewing black tea, the concentration is generally 1-4 four levels, and the corresponding time is two minutes to three and a half minutes. The brewing time should not be too long. After two or three minutes, the tea soup should be separated.
4. Finally, the soup is out. Filter the tea soup and pour it into the prepared cup, preferably a shallow cup with a larger caliber, so that you can smell the aroma of black tea, and we can also appreciate the beautiful color of black tea in time. After watching the shape of the tea, pick up the tea cup and taste it slowly.




3、茶叶的冲泡浓度,而浓度的大小 就是冲泡红茶时间的长短,浓度一般有1-4四个等级,而相应的时间就是两分钟到三分半种。冲泡的时间不要太长,到了两三分钟,就要将茶汤分离出来。


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