Collection: Green tea series 绿茶系列

Green tea is rich in a variety of nutrients, tea polyphenols, caffeine, amino acids, vitamins, chlorophyll catechins, the more tender the tea leaves, the greener the tea leaves, and the tea soup made by brewing in water at a suitable temperature (85 degrees) is tender and green, with a fresh taste and a pure aroma. Bright. Green tea has heat-clearing and detoxification, sterilization and anti-inflammatory, anti-radiation, anti-ageing, and anti-cancer. Green tea cold

绿茶 富含多种营养成分,茶多酚 咖啡碱 氨基酸 维生素 叶绿素 儿茶素 ,茶叶越嫩越绿,适宜的温度水冲泡(85度)泡出的茶汤嫩绿鲜亮 滋味鲜爽,香气纯正,叶底明亮。绿茶有清热解毒,杀菌消炎,抗辐射,抗衰老,防癌。绿茶性偏寒

 How to brew green tea
1. The glass cup is more suitable for brewing famous tea. It can be observed that the tea slowly relaxes, swims, and changes in the water. ...
2. Use a small amount of hot water to scald the cup first, which is conducive to the development of tea colour and fragrance. ...
3. After putting the tea in the cup, pour a small amount of boiling water over the tea and gently shake the cup to wake up the tea. ...
4. The green tea brewing times should be 3 times. When you drink to about 1/3 of the tea soup in the cup, add boiling water to brew, so that the concentration of the tea soup before and after can be more even.

1.玻璃杯比较适合冲泡名茶,可观察到茶在水中缓缓舒展,游动,变幻。 ...
2.先用少量的热水把杯烫过,这样利于茶叶色香味的发挥。 ...
3.把茶置入杯中之后,注入少量沸水没过茶叶,轻轻地晃动杯子,让茶叶苏醒一下。 ...

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