Collection: Oolong tea series 乌龙茶系列

Oolong tea is rich in tea polyphenols, plant alkaloids, protein, vitamins, amino acids, pectin, organic acids, sugars, enzymes, potassium, iron, zinc and other minerals. Oolong tea varieties include Tieguanyin, Phoenix Narcissus, Dongding Oolong, Dahongpao, Yancha, Dancong. Oolong tea has a unique aroma and multi-level changes, and each one has his loyal fans. Oolong tea has the advantages of invigorating the stomach and digesting food, reducing fat and losing weight, lowering blood lipids and cholesterol, moisturizing the throat, promoting body fluid and removing heat.

乌龙茶  富含茶多酚 植物碱 蛋白质,维生素,氨基酸,果胶,有机酸,糖类,酶类,钾铁锌等矿物质。乌龙茶品种有铁观音,凤凰水仙,冻顶乌龙,大红袍,岩茶,单枞。乌龙茶独特香气,多层次的变化,每一款都有他忠实粉丝。乌龙茶有健胃消食,消脂减肥,降低血脂胆固醇,润肤润喉,生津除热。

The traditional method of making oolong tea——
  Rinse teapots, tea trays, cups, etc. with boiling water before making tea. During the brewing process, they must be rinsed continuously to keep the tea set clean and hot. Then divide the tea leaves into coarse divisions, fill the bottom of the pot with the broken pieces, and then cover the thick strips, and arrange the middle and small leaves on the top, so as not to block the inner mouth of the pot and hinder the smooth flow of tea soup.
   Then, use boiling water to make tea, and buffer it in slowly along the edge to form a circle so as not to break the "tea gall". Make the tea in the pot roll when flushing. When the water just flows over the tea leaves, it is immediately poured out, which is called "tea washing", which means that the dust on the surface of the tea leaves is washed away, so that the true taste of the tea can be fully reflected.
   After washing the tea, immediately rush into the second water, the amount of water is about 90%. After the lid is closed, the body of the pot is poured with boiling water. At this time, the water in the tea tray rises to the middle of the pot. This is called "inside and outside attack". Follow this one by one, so that the exquisite and true flavour of the tea can be soaked.
   The time to make tea is also very important, usually about 2-3 minutes. The brewing time is too short, the tea leaves will not smell out, and the brewing time is too long, and the brewing time is too long, and it is afraid that the tea will be old and affect the umami taste of the tea. 






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