Collection: Pu'er Tea Series 普洱茶系列

Pu'er tea is divided into ripe tea and raw tea in terms of technology. Ripe tea is rich in kombucha, xanthophyll, theaflavin, and vitamin C. The colour of the dry tea of ripe tea is brown or brown. The higher the degree of fermentation, the darker the colour, and the tea buds are golden or dark yellow. The tea soup is chestnut-red, maroon-red, and the red is thick and clear. The older the year, the closer the tea soup colour is to the red wine soup. Cooked tea lowers blood fat, lowers blood pressure and nourishes the stomach, which is more suitable for middle-aged and elderly people. Raw tea is rich in various elements such as tea polyphenols and caffeine. The dry tea colour of raw tea is green, dark green or yellow-green, the tea buds are whitish, the tea soup is chestnut, light yellow or light red, clean and translucent, with golden circles. Raw tea cleans the intestines, has the effects of lowering fat, refreshing, lowering blood pressure and losing weight.


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